Vanna White Opens Up To Reporter, Reveals Embarrassing Fact Few People Knew

Updated January 19, 2018

Some relationships just work. Maybe it’s a balance of personalities and a perfect alignment of give and take. According to a recent confession by Vanna White, she and fellow Wheel of Fortune host, Pat Sajak have only had one fight over the 35 years that they’ve been working together. And to call it a fight is a bold statement, as it was more like a brief squabble. It all started while Vanna and Pat had been eating hotdogs together a long time ago.

Vanna put ketchup on her dog, which is a fairly typical thing to do. For whatever reason, Pat didn’t like that and claimed that ketchup was absolutely disgusting.

And that was it. That was their lone fight. While Vanna thought it was a bit bizarre for Pat to have such a strong hate toward the condiment, the disagreement simmered down and they went on with their lives, hosting one of pop culture’s most prominent shows.

Vanna loves her position on the show and admits that it is more like a part of popular culture than a game show. Having clapped more than 3.9 million times on the show over the 35 years, Vanna has been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the most claps. And believe it or not, the Merriam-Webster dictionary is considering making ‘Vanna White’ a verb, which will mean, “to present.”

Exposing a racier side of Vanna, she was featured on the cover of Playboy magazine, however; after posing, she had asked Hugh Hefner, (her friend at the time) to not publish the photos. He did and their relationship ended. Evidently, Vanna had posed for lingerie ads in the past to make ends meet.

“When I became famous, Hugh Hefner decided to put me on the cover. He was a friend of mine,” said Vanna, who was afraid that the photos in Playboy could ruin her career.

It’s obvious that Vanna’s career was far from ruined and she’s been going strong for 35 years.

Commenters mentioned the fact that Vanna is a well-rounded and loved celebrity…

“She does bring joy to people every day. My Mama watched and would talk about Vanna’s dresses and how pretty she looked!”

“You have a right to be proud. I had the pleasure of working with Vanna during the Atlanta Olympics. She was always very nice.”

In order to keep up with her persona on Wheel of Fortune, Vanna tries on around 50 dressed before selecting the one she will wear for shooting the show and she has never worn the same dress twice. She admits that she likes shorter dresses better than longer ones because she is less likely to trip.

Vanna believes that she and Pat are a team and while her job can be crazy at times, she loves it because it brings happiness to the viewers. And we don’t have to worry about losing the team anytime soon, as they have recently signed a new three-year contract for the show. Looks like Vanna will have at least another three years of clapping to do.